Cockroaches in Utah

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The rumors are true, cockroaches do live in Utah.  They thrive in moist, hot climates but can also live in dry areas as long as there is a good water source.  Where is that water source?  You probably guessed it!  Mi Casa es Su Casa.  They are often found behind refrigerators and other appliances, utility closets, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, basements and other compact areas. Cockroaches have special padding on their feet allowing them to climb on walls and ceilings.  There is nowhere they can’t go.  It’s a little unsettling to know they can be anywhere in your home.


Cockroaches often find their way inside through cracks around plumbing, air ducts, openings in the foundation, and under doors.  Their eggs can often be hidden inside grocery bags, furniture and boxes from the store.   Cockroaches are flat and oval shaped, usually 1/2 an inch to 2 inches in length.  The two most common types in our state are German and Oriental.  Their presence can easily be spotted with skin casts, eggs and the dark elimination spots or smears they leave behind.  They also have a distinct odor that is a mix of sweet and sour.  


Once inside your home cockroaches can multiply quickly.  An adult female can produce up to 150 eggs in a year.  They will typically breed during the day and come out of hiding during the night to feed.  Food sources include spoiled food, cooking grease or residue, and other dead or wounded cockroaches.  They leave a trail of diseases and bad odor everywhere they go.  On average, 25% of all cockroaches are immune to pesticides.  This can make it tricky to completely eliminate them.  Bug Off has technicians trained to to use a combination of strategies and products to eliminate your home of these pests and help take preventative measures to avoid any issues in the future. If you think you have an infestation give us a call!  We can work with you to keep your home healthy and safe.


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