Annual Protection Plan

Annual Protection Plan

-Exterior Perimeter Barricade: We spray the foundation 2ft. up and 2ft out to ensure that anything crawling towards your home won't make it in alive.  


-Eaves and Peaks: All of the eaves and peaks are sprayed with a residual insecticide that prevents wasps and spiders from building for up to 3 months.


-Entry and Exit Points: We focus on any areas where pests will have easy access including: doorways, window wells, vents, utility lines, garages, etc.


-Interior Service: To ensure nothing is trapped alive in your home, we spray high traffic areas such as baseboards, doorways, utility closets, plumbing access areas, etc.

Initial Service $109 (x1)

Quarterly Follow-up Services (x4)

0-3500sqft. $89 per quarter
3501sqft.-5500sqft. $99 per quarter
5500sqft+ $109 per quarter


-Quarterly services begin 30 days after the initial treatment and are spaced 90 days apart.


    -Includes a Year Round Guarantee between services.  Unlimited. Anytime. We Promise. 


    -Notification of upcoming services is sent via text/email 7 days in advance so you will always know when we are coming.


    -If you have any extras such as a shed, playset, rock wall, etc. just let us know and we will include it at no additional cost.


    -All of our products are water based, safe to the touch when dry, clear drying, fume and odor free, and safe for kids and pets.  We only use products that are EPA registered, and have a proven track record.